Brand Story


At Inspire, we go the extra mile to create personalised memorial jewelry with love, care and attention. We work to capture a feeling, memory or special moment in each bespoke piece, and turn it into something beautiful that can be worn and enjoyed forever.

Inspire’s Core Mission is to help each customer feel beautiful from the inside and out with nature inspired jewelry made with materials from Mother Earth. For example, Dreamcatchers are an ancient creation that protects us from nightmares.  you will be able to chase the dreams in your life without any problem. Our jewelry has a unique frequency and energy that can transform the lives of those who wear them. By incorporating healing Dreamcatchers Jewelry to your outfit, expect a rise in your energy levels, sharpened focus towards your specific goals, or remaining calm in the challenges of everyday life. We are so happy to provide you with spiritual jewelry that will not only amplify your style but will give you full protection, strength, nourishment, and protection throughout your life journey.